Plasterboard is a sheet of gypsum.  They are screwed to lightweight metal ceiling profiles or wood noggins and the joints taped and filled. The entire surface is skimmed with a putty compound giving smooth and seamless ceilings.

In Ghana, INTEXA LTD stocks a wide range of KNAUF Plasterboards and accessories for sale, including Standard, Moisture Resistant and Fire Resistant boards.

KNAUF of Germany manufactures Plasterboards, Metal Profiles, Putty Compounds and Accessories with the best quality materials, and to the highest European Standards.

Plasterboards can be fixed to form simple and elegant ceilings and can also be used for the most complex ceiling designs, incorporating interesting lighting arrangements.

Plasterboard for Ceilings & Partitions

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Metal Profiles
A full range of lightweight galvanized steel profiles for all applications of Ceilings and Partitions, produced to the highest standards of hot dipped galvanization.

Jointing and Skimming Compound products for a superior surface finish.

Cornices (Corner Moldings)
Finish ceilings using a wide selection of Decorative Cornices (Corner Moldings), Beadings, Centre Panels and Decors. Cornices come in various sizes and designs to suit all designs.  Quick and Easy to install.


All Fixing and Suspension Accessories, including Access Panels, Edge Trims, Transitions, Screws, and Joint tapes.